Welcome to Coastal Greens Farm!

We are a modern farm in New Smyrna Beach, FL ! Follow our progress and projects as we strive to bring fresh food to the community.

What do you think about when you hear farm? Maybe a picture of rolling hills comes to mind. Maybe you see cows grazing on pastureland. But here at Coastal Greens Farm, our definition of farm is much different than what most people think.

We grow microgreens year round in controlled environments, and use aquaponics to ensure that we’re always harvesting fresh greens (and fish!).

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2 replies on “Welcome to Coastal Greens Farm!”

I’m moving into the area very soon. Are you part of the NSB farmers market?
Do you do CSA or shares? What about meat products?
Thank you for your help with this.

Hi Dale, we aren’t part of the market yet but we will most likely offer a subscription or membership in the future. No meat products, just produce and microgreens.

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